Produkte Startseite Produkte Kontakt Unternehmen Referenzen RST® Systeme Technologie Fakten Replaceability All components are replacable. Elektric isolation Due to the Collarsleeve, the intermediate layer, the screw dowel and intermediate plate of plasticthe mounting system RST completely isolated electrically. There are no additional insulators between tension clamp and rail. Track maintenance The RST rail fastening system requires no regular maintenance. Neutralization For continuous welded rail (CWR) no attachment parts of the threshold need to be removed. Only the coach screws to be loosened but not removed. Height regulation In the RST rail mounting system is a height regulation possible up to 60 mm by inserting shim pads. Elasticity By default, the Skl 3 is used to nominal rigidities of up to 60 kN / mm down. Rail tensioning and thrust resistance By the 2 free spring arms of a spring range of 13mm and a hold-down force around 2 x 10 kN, the rail clamped permanently tightened. Thus, the requisite high-thrust resistance of the rail achieved, which prevents a dangerous gap opening fracture in welded rails. Tilt protection A lifting or tilting of the rail in track maintenance or when driving through tight curves is that after passing the small air gap (between the middle bend, the tension clamp and rail) is intercepted by the middle loop. Thus, a permanent deformation of the outer spring arm is excluded.