Produkte Startseite Produkte Kontakt Unternehmen Referenzen RST® Systeme Technologie Fakten For rail mounting RST slab track with max. Height adjustable 60 mm and lateral adjustable +/- 5 mm (optional + / - 10 mm) For special fulcrum with negative special fulcrum forces > 30 kN Elastic pad with thermally stable elasticity at low, medium and high-frequency continuous stress of microcellular HYTREL For anchor system for use as a repair anchors in concrete sleepers For use as an anchor system for dynamic stressed heavy-duty dowel> 100 kN Müller-RST sleeper as an alternative to prestressed concrete sleeper, gives the smoothness of the concrete sleeper wood sill with its emission and maintenance advantages There are approvals from the German Federal Railway Authority an the Deutsche Bahn AG for each component: